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IOSH – Health and Safety Training Courses

Bisoconsulting provides the most popular IOSH Training Courses, such as IOSH Managing safely and IOSH Working Safely. We also provide individualized support for IOSH Courses and IOSH exams preparation.


About IOSH

IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and it’s the world’s biggest organisation for health and safety professionals.

How many professionals took an IOSH COURSE?

Last year more than 179.000 professionals took part in an IOSH Training Course in 74 countries.
The courses were more than 15,000 in the world.

A global standard

IOSH is a leader in qualified health and safety training courses

Benefits for companies

It provides benefits to international corporations. The IOSH courses improve safety and health and produce additional benefits to the company

Course topics

It covers topics related to health and safety risks and risk reduction measures. Safety management, safety leadership, safe behavior

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We organize the following IOSH courses on holdings:

  • IOSH Leading safely
  • IOSH Managing safely
  • IOSH Working safely
  • Other courses

English course preparation for IOSH Courses and Exams.

Take part in an IOSH Course or take an IOSH exam requires specific health and safety english knowledge.

We are able to:

  • organize courses on holdings or individual courses (also on Skype) for IOSH specific english preparation.
  • for those who need to strengthen the general English in short time, we can organize language stays in the UK or Ireland

Exams preparation support

Many people who participate to the courses feel the need of an expert teacher support for the exam preparation.
We are able to provide individualized support for IOSH exams study and preparation.


IOSH Managing Safely

For managers and supervisors in any organisation or sector, IOSH Managing Safely provides knowledge and tools for security management. It can be organized in a flexible way according to business needs.
The learning methods are efficient and effective, and the topics cover the basics of safety, health and environment management.
The course is addressed to anyone in a managerial or supervisory role.

IOSH Working Safely

IOSH Working Safely is a certification recognized in many countries for workers training. It provides the basic knowledge and tools to work safely.
The learning methods are efficient and effective. The duration of the course is one day.
The course is addressed to any worker who needs to receive training to understand the principles of safety and health at work.

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